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We Offer Leasing to Qualified Students Who Have Had Evaluation Lessons.

Student Leasing

Student Leasing

Horses are available to lease by students or for those that have had Evaluation Lessons and have been approved for leasing. Once students have demonstrated understanding of the basics of horsemanship and riding, they may be approved to lease one of our lesson horses. Riding a leased horse includes unlimited use of our equipment and the horse when it is not in lessons. It also includes the first choice of that horse for lessons and events. If the horse is put up for sale, the leasing student also has first refusal of the option to buy that horse.

Leasing is month-to-month, so no contract is required; however, if a student ends a lease, then that horse is available for lease to someone else. Your lease begins when you pay for the month. A receipt is available for all monies collected.

When leasing a horse at Rocking 45 Farm, LLC you agree to the following:

  • Riding no longer than 1 hour per day for arena work OR no more than 2 hours per day on a walking trail ride.
  • Trail riding shall be walking only.
  • The horse shall be worked appropriately and shall be put away clean.
  • Any injury/lameness/accident to the horse or Lessee shall be reported to the instructor immediately.
  • The horse shall not be overworked at any point in time. A regular workout routine similar to a riding lesson is appropriate along with proper warm-up and cooling down.
  • Horse shall only be ridden by Lessee. Friends and/or family members are not allowed to ride or use the horse.
  • Horse is not to be trailered off of the premises.
  • Riding lessons are required with this lease (minimum of four included in lease cost).
  • The horse may be used for riding lessons with other clients and will not be available to Lessee during these times. A 2nd choice horse may be available with prior arrangements with the instructor.
  • All rides on the leased horse must be scheduled at least two days in advance on the group calendar.
  • Have all friends or family members that come on the property sign a release of liability form.

Riders under eighteen years of age, MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while spending extra time with a horse at Rocking 45 Farm, LLC.

Cost to lease: $310 includes 4 private lessons per month or $250 includes 4 group lessons per month

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