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Dual Tee Jeep

Standing at Rocking 45 Farm L.L.C

2009 APHA Stallion
Private Treaty

*Note: Mare must have a clean breeding soundness exam and culture, UTD on vaccinations, performed by our vet or yours and documentation to be submitted when mare arrives at Rocking 45 Farm, LLC.

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Offspring Photos

Chili Boon

Chili is new to the farm and arrived May of 2020 and has some growing to do before he can be a part of the breeding program.  Chili is doing well adjusting to his new surroundings.  It was quite the change moving from Colored Horse Ranch at Devils Tower Wyoming, down to Yuma.  Chili and the three fillies all traveled well, unloaded from the horse trailer and then reloaded each night without drama.  We are very happy to add them to our farm. 

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