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Lesson Horses

Meet Our Lesson Horses

We are so proud to have a great selection of horses available for our clients. We strive to have happy, safe, and well-rounded horses for our students. We work hard to keep them at their best so they perform their best for you. It pleases us to introduce you to them and we’d love for you to meet them in person!


Daisy is a registered Paint horse. She is a favorite amongst the lesson horses and has spent many years teaching both the young and old how to ride. She is patient but persistent that you ride correctly, making her an amazing lesson horse. She spent her younger years as a Western Pleasure horse where she competed in the show ring and did quite well! We are so grateful to have Daisy at Rocking 45 Farm, LLC!


Whoopie is our well-loved Quarter Horse. She is used for the little kids and has taught many how to ride over the years. She is loving and patient. She always takes care of her rider and nothing much bothers her. In her younger years she was a ranch horse and a horse mom (broodmare). In fact, we have Whoppie’s great grandkids at the farm!


Zia is our American Mustang. She lived the first years of her life out in the wild and now she is here with us and she is so amazing! She is patient, careful, and responsive to her riders. She tries her best and is quiet in all situations. She is one of our main adult lesson horses and is teaching many how to ride!


Blondie is the palomino Paint horse in our barn. She is young at heart and likes to go do things. She recently came back to Rocking 45 Farm LLC after spending a few years with a family that used her as a pole bending horse. She is fitting right in and is proving herself as an invaluable lesson horse for our program! She is honest and mindful and we love her!


Willow is our sweet leopard appaloosa mare. Willow is one of our most willing horses. She’ll go just about wherever you ask her to. Once you ride her, you fall in love. She came to us as a rescue many years ago and now she is living her best life being loved and cared for. She is our largest lesson horse but she is also one of the sweetest!


Hershey is our oldest and smallest lesson horse at the farm. The vet estimates his age at about 40! He is very patient but a little on the stubborn side. He’s the perfect horse to use when we need to love and brush on a horse. We still use him for riding lessons occasionally too. We are grateful to give this old pony a soft place to land in his senior years.


Walt is one of our Quarter Horse geldings. He was a cutting horse from Canada in his younger years and now he works as one of our ‘step-up’ horses. He is only used for our advanced beginners/intermediate riders and up. He rides more advanced than most of our lesson horses and needs a rider that knows a little bit more than most beginners. He is a big goofball and has a big personality. He is fun to ride and tolerates quite a bit. We love Walt!


Que is another Quarter horse gelding. He is for our most advanced riders only. He spent a few years as a roping horse and has a lot of giddy-up! He is a big boy but has a heart to match. He enjoys being loved and taken care of. We are helping him gain more confidence, so he can help more people learn how to ride.

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