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We are pleased to have additional events to help our clients learn more about horses. These events are intended to expound the participants’ knowledge about horses. We hope that what is learned during our camps and classes will continue with that person for years to come. Events are typically scheduled a few months out. However, if you have at least three family members/friends able to participate, private events may be scheduled and tailored to your needs. (This is a great opportunity for homeschool/church/etc. groups) Please contact us to learn more or enroll in the next upcoming event!

Horsemanship Camp

This 4 day camp is open to all riders ages 8 to 18. This camp runs 3 hours each day for a total of 12 hours. Participants will learn all about horses and horse ownership. Horseback riding will happen each day along with activities that teach about caring for horses such as: feeding, grooming, care of tack, and a variety of other information pertinent to caring for and owning horses. This camp is open to all riders, no horse experience is necessary.


Adult Horsemanship Class

This one day (3 hour) crash course for horsemanship is open to all adults 18+. This class is designed to fit into the busy lives of adults to give an introductory/reminder course for horses and horse ownership. There will be riding along with other aspects of horsemanship such as feeding, grooming, trailer loading, basic vet care and other skills necessary to caring for and owning horses. You are welcome to bring your own horse or use one of ours for this event.

Girl Scouts

We love to help our local Girl Scout troops earn horse badges. We can tailor our lessons to the needs of your troop. We have the horses and equipment you need to get those badges. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Birthday Parties/Private Events

We welcome birthday parties and small private events at the farm. Please contact us for more information regarding parties and private events.

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