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Ducks Steela Dream


Ducks Steela Dream is the matriarch of our program. Her half sisters and daughters are part of our breeding program. Whoopie is just 27 years young and still healthy and part of our riding lesson program. Whoopie was used extensively on a feed-lot both in Arizona and Wyoming, as well as being a great mother and broodmare. She is an example of 4 generations of Quarter Horses within our breeding program. Her daughters, “A Steela Star” and “Miz Continental Jaz” demonstrate the mare power in the foundation breeding lines. Her grand-daughter Steel N Scotch has had two nice babies from Dual Tee Jeep, making them great grand babies to Whoopie. Whoopie is also the weaning monitor for all of our foals and gives them respect and manners, even at 27 years of age. It’s her favorite task to watch over them and keep them safe.

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