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Our breeding program included mares from Sharon and Loyd Quimby.

Breeding Horses

About Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program included mares from Sharon and Loyd Quimby, rest their souls, who raised good horses for nearly 40 years. We were lucky enough to acquire the last five mares from their breeding program and moved forward from there….nearly 20 years ago. The foundation lines they had preserved cross well with performance lines and look like a nick horseman strive for. Dual Tee Jeep has produced nice foal crops for us with the three year olds just starting to enter the show pen. Many of the solid Paints and Quarter horses have been gentle enough to use as a family horse, and athletic enough to go rodeo. Now our focus is to sprinkle in some reining and cutting blood to improve the performance possibilities and still maintain sound minds. Many thanks to Colored Horse Ranch for providing quality performance lines and both of our stallions.

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