at Rocking 45 Farm L.L.C

This program as been adopted from "S.T.A.R.S. of Horsemanship" program in Gilbert Arizona, pioneered by Danya Wright.

S.T.A.R.S. (Specialized Training And Riding School) of Horsemanship was founded by Danya Wright after budget cuts forced the closure of an ASU Riding and Research Program she had been employed by for several years.


Horses are available to lease by students only. Once students have demonstrated understanding of the basics of horsemanship and riding, they may be approved to lease one of our lesson horses.

Our goals in leasing are to develop the bond between rider and horse that only comes from additional time riding together outside of lessons, to give our horses additional love and care, and to give our students additional practice time and joy.

Horses know when it is there job (lesson time) and when it isn't (leisure riding). We have lots of horses and can't spend enough leisure time with them all, so we offer very inexpensive leasing to students who are ready for the responsibility of caring for a horse.

Riding a Lease horse includes unlimited use of our equipment and the horse when it is not in lessons. It also includes first choice of that horse for lessons and events. If the horse is put up for sale, the leasing student also has first refusal of the option to buy that horse. In addition, discounts for horse usage at outside events are given to leasing students. Any additional charges apply if the horse goes to a show or event. (Hauling or coaching for the day)

Leasing also includes a second choice horse. If the first choice leased horse is being used, the second choice alternate may be taken out instead. Scheduling is critical, please call and make arrangements no less than one week prior to anticipated riding days.

Leasing is month-to-month, so no contract is required; however, if a student ends a lease, then that horse is available for lease to someone else. Your lease begins when you pay for the month. A receipt is available for all monies collected.

Cost: $250.00 month includes four lessons

If a student has less than four lessons per month, the $250 is still expected or the lease is terminated. If vacation or sickness or whatever prohibits taking the regular four lessons, then arrangements for make-up lessons are always available, and make-ups never expire.

Riders under eighteen years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, while spending extra time with a horse, while at Rocking 45 Farm, LLC.